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In portals, users can access a range of programs to undertake key day-to-day or specialised tasks as well as being proactively served a diet of useful and relevant information.
—Tim Mendham (CIO Magazine)
Building portals of mass interaction

DNN is the ultimate open source portal framework. Basically, DNN is a highly interactive, content-driven web site in a box. With DNN, you don't have a pay for someone to design the complex database back end because it's already built. With a registered user base of over 325 thousand, DNN is one of the most popular windows-based open source project in the world.

DotNetNuke is an open source Content Management System. An open source application is one that is licensed to be used for free and in the case of DotNetNuke for commercial purposes. This means no upfront costs to you to obtain and use the software. But the special feature DotNetNuke has vs other CMS's is that it is also an Web Application Framework based on Microsoft .Net. This allows for an in depth level of integration not many other web technologies can't readily support. This means you can integrate DotNetNuke with just about any Microsoft platform or application making the platform very extensible.

Some of the features:

  • Easy to install and to host.  Built on up-to-date Microsoft ASP.NET technology, and runs on various database platforms.  In addition, many hosting companies offer free installation of the DotNetNuke application with their plans.
  • Fully extensible and scalable.  Suitable for a variety of projects -- from the smallest website to the largest corporate deployment.  Internet or Intranet sites can be developed entirely with built-in DotNetNuke features, or can be augmented through third-party private assembly tools.
  • Clearly licensed under a BSD-style license.  Software can be completely incorporated, modified, and adapted to personal/business use without having to worry about legalities.
  • Constantly evolving through real world trial.  Open source nature of  DotNetNuke allows programmers and webmasters to read, redistribute, and modify the source code, essentially evolving the software at a rapid pace.  End-user suggestions result in quick improvements and enhancements to the software.
  • Simply efficient and manageable.  DotNetNuke can support multiple portals off of one install.  Divides administrative options between host level and individual portal level.  Allows administrators to manage any number of sites, each with their own look and identity, all off of one hosting account.
  • Priority on security.  Emphasis placed on validation, encryption, “bug” tracking and potential threats.
  • Fully customizable.  Changes can be made to portals at all levels – from basic stylesheet elements like font type, color, and bullet points, to overall site appearance.  New skins and module containers can be easily applied to the site with no repercussion on content.
  • Fully localized.  Built-in multi-language localization features allow administrators worldwide to easily use and adapt DotNetNuke software for their own use.
  • User-friendly interface.  Well-researched interface makes it easy for users to manage all aspects of their projects.  Site wizards, help icons, and an inutuitive user interface allow universal ease-of-operation.

Benefits of Customer Portals

Enhanced Communication

Portals employ a modular approach to building a web interface. This approach gives your business the flexibility to communicate with your customers in the way you deem most effective.

Capture Valuable Information

Information is the key to successful marketing efforts. The customer portal approach allows the capture of useful information from the customer. This information can prove to be very important to your business marketing strategy.

Faster Return on Investment (ROI)

Portal technologies are increasingly open-source, where the license allows commercial use for free. Traditionally, the large developer community allows businesses to take advantage of new features developed through use in the real world.

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